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At The Beacon 4Sight Group, we love ambition!  We believe in helping you amplify your impact.  So how do we do it? We have researched the top-performing companies (from start-ups to Fortune 500s) and we bring their best practices to you- regardless of the size of your organization.

Strategic Planning

Whether it is helping facilitate a retreat, coach you through the process or bring all parties together to create a comprehensive plan for the future, we’re able to help!   What sets us apart is that we make sure that the plan is a living document, one that shapes decisions, measures success and is a true roadmap.

nonprofit stratefy planning on a computer

Investment-Grade Business Plan

Our business plans are better than the typical case of support. Our business plan includes goals, strategy, milestones, metrics, and financing tailored to your organization’s unique goals and opportunities. 

business plans for nonprofits laid out on table

Dashboards & Implementation

A digital hub to track and report progress with key performance, program, financial and revenue indicators.  This brings rigor, accountability, and transparency throughout your organization.

strategic planning for nonprofits shown as a compass

Other Solutions & Services for Nonprofits from Beacon 4Sight Group

Feasibility Studies & Capital Campaigns

Organization & Governance

Growth Centric Financial Strategies

Social Impact & Influence

Web Design & Digital Marketing

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