Our Solutions and Expertise

Feasibility Studies & Capital Campaigns

How prepared do you feel to start a capital campaign? If your answer is less than confident, then you’re not quite ready to embark on any significant fundraising project. Capital campaigns often take years to accomplish and years more to plan, with a significant amount of time, resources, and networking necessary to pull off your fundraising goal. We ensure that nonprofits have put in the prep work to pull it off.

Part of that prep work includes the feasibility study. Is this project possible? Are you budgeting enough for it? These questions and more need to be thoroughly investigated. Our proprietary data collection exceeds the competition’s, ensuring your organization the knowledge needed to succeed.

Nonprofit Organization & Governance

Whether you’re a corporation, government entity, or nonprofit, your organizational structure defines your group’s productivity. All organizations struggle, but many leaders are used to doing what’s worked in the past. That’s why you need the expertise of an objective outsider to analyze your group dynamic and brainstorm ways to make it better. Whether you’re looking for an afternoon retreat or an extended conversation about organizational practices, Lowcountry Group can revolutionize your workspace and management structure.

Business Planning & Strategic Planning

A business without a plan is like a house without a blueprint. Sure, you know what a house generally looks like, but without the smallest details mapped out in plain English, the structure is bound to collapse in no time.

When was the last time you took a look at your business strategy? Is your nonprofit keeping afloat, or do you spend most of your time struggling to swim? We help nonprofits redefine their strategy and business planning, organizing finances and company structures to develop high-performing fundraising teams, improve teamwork strategies, and foster long-term success.

Growth Centric Financial Strategies

The Lowcountry Group provides you with a complete strategic, financial and operational system that is coupled with a long-term executive partnership to help you maximize performance and growth. Our work with you not only increases revenue but organizational performance as well. Through our nonprofit growth strategies and services, we enable organizations to achieve and sustain dramatic increases in performance, revenue, and impact.

Social Impact & Influence

How does your work impact the community? What about the work of everyone in your team? Recognizing the importance of your work is essential to taking pride in your nonprofit, and a team of go-getters inspired by an organization’s mission is bound to succeed. That’s why we offer skill-building workshops like leadership coaching, group facilitation, and a comprehensive analysis of your organizational structure. By improving upon these skills and fostering a sense of duty, your team will be better motivated to create a high social impact in your community and beyond.

Web Design & Digital Marketing

The internet is a powerful tool - if you know how to navigate it. Nonprofits who don’t leverage the power of the digital world struggle to establish a name for themselves. We recognize the power of the internet in raising an effective brand - after all, the average customer has to see a brand eight times before they remember it. By developing consistent brand messaging and boosting your web presence with SEO-based web copy and articles, we push nonprofits to the top of search engines, creating new streams of revenue and a renewed focus on improving the world.

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