Nonprofit Organization & Governance

Nonprofit Board Training

Does your Board understand its strategic role? Does it provide the vision and support that is needed to deliver on your fantastic mission? A high functioning board is essential for an organization to grow and thrive. Give us a call, we can help your board meetings run more efficiently, facilitate your annual board retreat, new chair/trustee training as well as on-going mentoring and support. Think of us as that fertilizer that makes your garden grow.

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Nonprofit Policies and Procedures

Are you confused about what is needed to keep your nonprofit going or where to even start when it comes to forming a nonprofit? Or maybe you've been meaning to update policies and procedures you already have but you haven't found the time. Or is it that you’d simply rather watch paint dry than tackle your organization’s or board's policies and procedures? Whatever your reasoning, The Beacon 4Sight Group can make your life a little easier by providing a draft of policies and procedures that meet current standards or we can simply review your current policies and provide input.

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Organizational Assessment and Benchmarking

Is your organization running at optimum capacity?  Working 24/7 and burning out your staff is not running at optimum capacity.  You would not try to sprint an entire marathon - so why run an organization that is in pacing for endurance and success in the long term?

As a nonprofit executive or board member, you’ve been entrusted with ensuring that the organization is doing everything it can to deliver on its mission.

Our organizational assessment provides a key analysis of 75 drivers or organizational performance.  The adage that you’re only as strong as your weakest link is very apropos. If you don’t know your strengths and weaknesses- how in the world can you possibly improve the effectiveness of your organization?  We believe you owe it to those your organization serves, as well as its donors to continually improve your organization.

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Other Solutions & Services for Nonprofits from The Beacon 4Sight Group

Feasibility Studies & Capital Campaigns

Business & Strategic Planning

Growth Centric Financial Strategies

Social Impact & Influence

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