Nonprofit Social Impact and Influence

Social Impact & Influence for Nonprofits

Leadership & Executive Coaching

Leadership Coaching: The Board Chair / Executive Director relationship is a unique and intense relationship. It can catapult the relationship to new heights.  We work with Boards and executives to develop the trust and communication needed.  

Executive Coaching:  Running an organization isn’t easy.  The skillset needed is so diverse one would think that it is a job for 10 people!  That said, we help you maximize your strengths and build on areas of opportunity. Each person is different and has different needs, and as such, we adapt accordingly

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Cultural Assessment & Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity makes us stronger in society and in communities- and makes us more capable of problem-solving for the greatest challenges we face.  

Our training includes the tools your team needs for stronger relationships, better stakeholder representation, and community support.

Consider a workshop on one of the following:

  • Empathy and Listening to Understand
  • Sociolinguistics and the Power of Language
  • Cultural Identity, Individuals and Collectives
  • Building Relationships
  • Communicating for Social Change
  • Gender Equity and Communication Dynamics
  • Power Relationships and Language
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Moves Management

Let’s not get hung up on terms, and flowcharts.  Let’s actually work together to advance your organization. It boils down, how do we go from point A to point B?  We’ve worked with dozens of leaders and organizations to help move them forward. It takes grit, moxie, and the willingness to try something new.  It also requires setting goals and tracking these goals in a systematic and transparent way. It’s time to unleash your potential!

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Case Study

Background:   While this organization did not have a problem hiring, they had difficulty retaining employees. The Executive Director initially approached us for “moves management” thinking that this would get her team all on the same page toward a common goal.

Solution:  We began the process with Our Community Impact.  What we found right away was low morale and significant concerns about diversity- the lack off it and the unease of even discussing it. 

We facilitated an organization-wide forum and then formed various sub-groups- each group was charged with discussing a different aspect of diversity- how we talk about it, what we want to know, and how do we support new efforts on diversity.  

Outcomes:  The organization had a significant cultural shift. Communication among staff improved, and staff began to support each other.  Morale has improved significantly. A Diversity / Equity / Inclusion (DEI) committee was set up and provides an opportunity for staff to ask questions, explore and move the organization forward.  The Board has also become more diverse representing the community it serves.

Other Solutions & Services for Nonprofits from  Beacon 4Sight Group

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Business & Strategic Planning

Growth Centric Financial Strategies

Organization & Governance 

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