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You'll get scalable and secure hosting services with included premium plugins designed to meet the needs of your website for just $199 per year...

Web Hosting Services


Dual platform technology

With  our web hosting, the web servers and storage are on the same platform. This translates to faster performance for visitors to your website.

Scalable performance

Deal with increasing traffic by instantly scaling up memory, RAM or parallel processing capabilities.

HTTP/2 protocol

Fast page load times thanks to web servers running the HTTP/2 network protocol with multiplexing and header compression for SSL-encrypted traffic.


Wildcard SSL

Included with your contract is one free Wildcard SSL certificate. Rest assured – your clients and their projects will be protected with SSL encryption.

DDoS protection

Our distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection safeguards your website from incoming attacks and keeps you online.

Backup and restore

Feel free to innovate. Backups of up to six days of data are automatically stored, letting you recover files from restore points if anything is deleted or lost.

State of the Art

Latest Technologies

A platform built on advanced technologies ensures peak performance. Run the latest version of PHP with a memory limit of up to 768 MB for faster and more secure website.

Two-Factor Authentication

"Two-Factor Authentication” (TFA) is a tried-and-tested way to secure your WordPress website

Premium Plugins

NIL Plugins Yearly Cost
Total $0
SmartCrawl Pro Included
Defender Included
Snapshot Pro Included
Hummingbird Pro/Smush Pro Included
WP Forms Included
Two-Factor Authentication Included
Comparable Plugins Yearly Cost
Total $558
Yoast $89
Wordfence $99
Updraft Pro $42
WP Rocket $49
Ninja Forms $99
Updraft Pro - 2Factor Authorization $180
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