Name, Image & Likeness (NIL)

Start a Website

Purchase your student-athlete’s web-domain

  • Eg: ""
  • Photo shoot, live shots, video, media, press
  • Memorabilia = memories, historical significance
Luke Lindnmeyer

Start a Business

Understand that your Name, Image and Likeness is your Brand, a brand that is MORE than an Athlete.

Start a business.
Start a nonprofit.

The old rule limited college athletes from starting businesses with their own invention unless they sought a waiver - the rules have changed...


Start a LLC in your State

  • Entrepreneurs under the age of 18 have special legal issues to consider. 
  • Parent must initiate and own the legal entity
  • State laws differ on the level of involvement by the student-athlete
  • Implement a “Profit First” accounting to ensure additional taxes do not surprise you!
    (15% to Taxes; 50% Expenses; 25% Compensation)"Starting a Homebased Business as a Teen"


Start a Nonprofit

  • Allocate 25% of the above to fund a nonprofit
  • Student-athlete wants to support Autism, Alzheimer’s or  Cancer Research
  • Demonstrates character where the outreach builds their brand and may be reciprocated

Applications Now Open!

Start Your Nonprofit Idea Today!

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