Increase Organizational Revenue

Increase Organizational Revenue

Rigor. Accountability, Transparency and Relationships.

These four things can transform your fundraising efforts. Our work with you not only increases revenue but organizational performance as well.  These two things are tied together!

We work with you to maximize your funding from individuals, foundations, grants, government and earned revenue.  Also up our sleeve is impact capital.

The Lowcountry Group provides you with a complete strategic, financial and operational system coupled with long-term executive partnership to help you maximize performance and growth. We deliver immediate benefits in the first few months. We aim to catalyze unprecedented organizational growth rates six to eighteen months after launch. And we provide continuing support for years to come to help you past the many challenges that come with growth.

We are the trusted partner and proven accelerator for ambitious nonprofits and social enterprises. Our integrated suite of strategies and services enable organizations to achieve and sustain dramatic increases in performance, revenue and impact.  Let’s be clear: there is no easy button. There is no secret sauce. It takes grit, ambition and the fervent desire to do more good in the world.

If you got that...then LETS TALK

What are your needs?

  • Advice on your annual campaign?
  • Help starting a planned giving program?
  • Endowment?
  • Auxiliary / special fundraising campaigns
  • Gala
  • Major Gifts
  • Development audits
  • Development policies and procedures
  • Development committee training
  • other...
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