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Feasibility Studies for Nonprofits

Our nonprofit feasibility studies evaluate the project’s potential for success and in the process help cultivate prospective donors and the community for your organization. Perceived objectivity is an important factor for potential donors and it is essential, as well as respectful, to donors, partners and investors that an organization is internally ready before requesting financial support.   

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What sets us apart?

Organizational Assessment: With Beacon 4Sight Group’s expertise bringing the best performance indicators from the for-profit sector, we conduct an organization-wide discovery and analysis of 75+ critical success factors related to staffing, programs & operations, planning and finance.  

Study Advisory Team:  Unique to Beacon 4SightGroup, this group provides value above and beyond the typical study.  Requiring just 3 hours in 12 weeks, this committee expands the circle of influence - additional community members, additional contacts, and increases the visibility of the project.

Cutting-edge Technology:  Our proprietary Sensor-Our Community Impact is custom to this project and allows us to reach further and deeper into the community.  This story collection sensor enables us to gather information from a cross-section of the community- we can analyze trends, and compare information from the interviews.

We’re in it together:  It is your dream, your community, and your project.  We work together to ensure we’re talking to the right people and from our expertise, we’re able to convert the study results into meaningful data.  

Capital Campaigns for Nonprofits

A capital campaign is an important tool for many organizations to rally support from its board, staff, and community.  It presents an opportunity to gain approval and ownership from the organization’s community to work towards raising a significant sum of money to achieve a specific goal or a series of goals.

While a capital campaign is typically only to be leveraged for bricks & mortar fundraising endeavors, it can also be used to marshal the resources needed to accomplish many more goals than simply capital asset building or acquisition.

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The Beacon 4Sight Group turns typical budgeting and campaigns into the extraordinary.  We begin by looking at your dreams and aspirations. We want you to think about scale and creating impact.  Then, we work together to put numbers on your dreams and then turn them into reality. Campaigns can be mounted to fund many things, but most commonly they fall into one of the categories below. 

Nonprofit Capital Campaign Categories

Capital Assets: Land, improvements to land, plantings, buildings, equipment, and furnishings. Acquiring, building and conserving property.

Programs and Services:  This includes the people, processes, and systems needed to build the infrastructure to design, create and carry out the programs.

Building or Growing an Endowment:  An endowment is a fund created to help sustain the organization long-term. It can be designated to cover certain expenditures, or it may be unrestricted and left to the discretion of the management team and board of directors. Most endowment funds are established with a desire to ensure ongoing, uninterrupted operations without financial pressure being put on the operation for cash-flow.

Case Study

Background:   This independent school had a revered Head of School and an experienced Director of Development.  Given their expertise and strong rapport with their community, they embarked on a capital campaign.  They did not do a feasibility study, they just plunged forward. Sadly the campaign did not get traction.  Some of the Board members started holding off on paying their pledges until they saw that the community was also behind the project.  

Solution:  Well here is where we’re supposed to say they hired us to do a feasibility study.  They didn’t. We had a different option and it worked swimmingly!

A traditional feasibility study does many things - more than just inform an organization as to how much they can raise.  A study examines internal readiness, through the process it helps inform prospective donors about the dreams of the organization it helps people feel a part of the process.  A feasibility study tells lead donors that this organization is prudent and is very serious about raising funds for their project.

We worked with them to refine their message, then rather than continue the solicitations, they met and had conversations with donors.  Prior to the meetings, we had a short strategy session. 

Outcomes:  The Head of School, Development Director, Board Chair and a few key other volunteers, met with prospective donors for three months to have a dialogue.  They found out more about their donors and the donors found out about the project and why it would be so beneficial for the students. It is also key that they continued to keep this group of key donors “in the loop”.   Three months of conversation was followed by two months of solicitations. At this point they were nearly 80% to goal.  

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